Thermal Aircools


The Passivent Thermal Aircool® range incorporates all the features of the standard Aircool® including a recent 22% improvement in thermal performance and has been further  developed to supply buildings with warm fresh air during cooler weather conditions particularly when the Hybrid Plus Aircool® is not suitable due to inadequate availability of “free heat” from the room itself.  

The Thermal Aircool® incorporates a low airflow resistance heater coil designed for natural ventilation systems and is connected to the main central heating system.

  • Designed to work with all forms of wall construction, curtain walling and window profiles.

  • Superior thermal performance with a U-value as low as 0.86W/m2K when closed.

  • Excellent air tightness performance when closed.

  • Low airflow resistance heater coil which is designed for natural ventilation systems to maximise heat output.

  • Electrically actuated modulating low voltage dampers provide optimum design flexibility with virtually silent operation.

  • Internal cover grille protects against impact damage and improves aesthetics

  • Internal integral sleeve to link internal and external elements for maximum airtightness and security.