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Roof Ventilation Terminals

Passivent’s range of roof ventilation terminals have patented double-bank louvres which provide Class A 100% certified rain rejection (BS EN 13030:2001) so that your building can be fully ventilated regardless of weather conditions. They are resistant to continuous wind loads at 51 m/s (BRE tested) and their motorised base dampers control the airflow with excellent thermal and airtightness performance when closed. They are available in a range of designs (modern, traditional, bespoke, bespoke monopitch, circular and aluminium) and a range of sizes. They can also be colour-matched to any RAL or BS colour. Installation is made easier by their lightweight construction and integral sub-base. Further specification detail and controls information can be found by clicking on the individual products.

Our collection includes

Airscoop® Roof Ventilation Terminal

Airstract® iAT Roof Ventilation Terminal

Airstract® Roof Ventilation Terminal

Aluminium Airstract® Roof Ventilation Terminal

Hybrid Plus Airstract® Roof Ventilation Terminal

Litevent Airstract® Rooflight/Ventilator

Passivent is a division of Building Product Design Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include Glidevale Protect, a specialist in ventilation solutions, condensation control and energy efficiency across the built environment and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvre systems.

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