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Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Everyday activities such as cooking, bathing and even breathing can cause internal humidity levels to rise. Without ventilation this stale air has no way to be removed, trapping potential pollutants and causing a stuffy unpleasant atmosphere.

Passivent offers a range of options to help remove this moist, stale air; numerous different types of air extracts providing different levels of control, a range of energy efficient fans, window and through-wall wall vents, ducting and roof tile or wall terminals for exhausting the air. There is also an intelligent mechanical extract ventilation system (iMEV) which offers whole-house ventilation for residential and similar buildings, in particular multi-occupany buildings such as care homes.

Our collection includes

Demand Controlled Extracts

Fans/Supply Air/Ducting & Terminals

Intelligent Mechanical Extract Ventilation System (iMEV)

Passivent is a division of Building Product Design Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include Glidevale Protect, a specialist in ventilation solutions, condensation control and energy efficiency across the built environment and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvre systems.

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