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Ventilation & air quality

Passivent’s range of natural ventilation products includes wall and window ventilators and roof mounted ventilation terminals, all of which can be linked to an intelligent or stand-alone control system. Hybrid versions of these products provide part natural/part mechanical ventilation and operate in three modes – mixing, boost and passive. Passivent’s Soundscoop acoustic air transfer unit also combines crossflow ventilation with exceptional acoustic attenuation.

Acoustic Cross-Talk Attenuator

Passivent identified the need for an improved acoustic cross-talk attenuator and Arup had completed the preliminary design of an attenuated cross-ventilation product, so a partnership which combined Passivent’s technical expertise in natural ventilation and Arup’s engineering excellence led to the creation of patented acoustic technology known as SoundScoop.

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Passivent offers a range of controllers – intelligent and stand-alone – to suit the requirements of its natural or Hybrid Plus ventilation systems. The iC8000 is a multi-zone, intelligent controller with Passivent’s own ventilation software. It can be used as a stand-alone system, working independently, or be integrated with the building management system (BMS) using BACnet communication.

Not all situations require a fully automated system and some ventilation strategies require manual opening of louvres and windows. The eC stand-alone controllers have been designed to control individual elements of a natural ventilation system allowing the user to manually operate it. These controllers are also available with auto-close functionality after a defined period of time to remove security concerns.

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Roof Ventilation Terminals

Passivent’s range of roof ventilation terminals have patented double-bank louvres which provide Class A 100% certified rain rejection (BS EN 13030:2001) so that your building can be fully ventilated regardless of weather conditions. They are resistant to continuous wind loads at 51 m/s (BRE tested) and their motorised base dampers control the airflow with excellent thermal and airtightness performance when closed. They are available in a range of designs (modern, traditional, bespoke, bespoke monopitch, circular and aluminium) and a range of sizes. They can also be colour-matched to any RAL or BS colour. Installation is made easier by their lightweight construction and integral sub-base. Further specification detail and controls information can be found by clicking on the individual products.

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Window & Wall Ventilators

Passivent’s Aircool® range of controllable, insulated wall and window ventilators are designed primarily for use in external facades but can also be used within buildings. They work with all forms of wall construction, curtain walling and window profiles. They offer superior thermal performance with a U-value as low as 0.86W/m²K when closed. Electrically actuated modulating dampers provide controlled air intake and extract in natural or mechanical ventilation systems and they are virtually silent in operation. Excellent weather protection and security are provided by the external weather louvre, even when the insulated damper blades are open, and the internal cover grille protects against impact damage in areas such as sports halls. Both louvres and grilles can be colour matched to any RAL or BS colour. Thermal, acoustic and hybrid air mixing variants are available to attenuate noise or treat the incoming air in various ways as required by the user.

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Other subsidiaries include Glidevale Protect, a specialist in ventilation solutions, condensation control and energy efficiency across the built environment and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvre systems.

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