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Passivent offers a range of controllers – intelligent and stand-alone – to suit the requirements of its natural or Hybrid Plus ventilation systems. The iC8000 is a multi-zone, intelligent controller with Passivent’s own ventilation software. It can be used as a stand-alone system, working independently, or be integrated with the building management system (BMS) using BACnet communication.

Not all situations require a fully automated system and some ventilation strategies require manual opening of louvres and windows. The eC stand-alone controllers have been designed to control individual elements of a natural ventilation system allowing the user to manually operate it. These controllers are also available with auto-close functionality after a defined period of time to remove security concerns.

Our collection includes

eC stand-alone control units & CO₂ indicator

iC8000 Intelligent Control System

Passivent is a division of Building Product Design Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include Glidevale Protect, a specialist in ventilation solutions, condensation control and energy efficiency across the built environment and Kingfisher Louvres, manufacturer of aluminium louvre systems.

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