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eC stand-alone control units & CO₂ indicator

Not all situations require a fully automated system and some ventilation strategies require manual opening of louvres and windows. The eC stand-alone controllers have been designed to control individual elements of a natural ventilation system allowing the user to manually operate it. These controllers are also available with auto-close functionality after a defined period of time to remove security concerns.

eC100 – Manual Positioning Controller for all variants of Aircools, Airstracts and Airscoops

Designed for controlling louvre systems as part of a natural ventilation system. It allows manual positioning of the louvres, which may be either Aircool louvres through the building façade or insulated louvres as part of a roof terminal. Allows up to six positions to be chosen.

eC200 – Manual Positioning Controller for Window Actuators

Designed for controlling window actuators as part of a natural ventilation system. It allows the occupant to choose the position of the window, with up to six positions, to allow fresh air into the room. The unit can control up to three actuated windows, with either single or double actuators for each window.

eC300 – Modulating Room Controller for all variants of Aircools, Airstracts and Airscoops

Designed for controlling louvre units as part of a natural ventilation strategy, with a temperature controller. Allows the position of the louvres to be controlled based on room temperatures, but with the option of a manual override if required.

CO2 indicator

A battery powered CO2 indicator which monitors the carbon dioxide levels in a room and displays these levels via traffic light LED’s as a visual indicator. When CO2 levels are below 1,000ppm a green LED will flash every 10 seconds. When levels rise above 1,000ppm an amber or red LED will flash every second (depending on the CO2 levels in the space), to let the occupant know that levels are rising and that they need to operate their ventilation system to suit.



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