Acoustic Aircools


The Acoustic Aircool® range incorporates all the features of the standard Aircool® including a recent 22% improvement in thermal performance and has been further developed to meet Regulation requirements for sound reduction as a result of increased noise exposure resulting from greater use of brownfield sites and development in built up areas particularly adjacent to the road and rail network.

Passivent can also design and manufacture bespoke units to maximise sound reduction whilst optimising air change rates.

  • Designed to work with all forms of wall construction, curtain walling and window profiles.

  • Superior thermal performance with a U-value as low as 0.86W/m2K when closed.

  • Excellent air tightness performance when closed.

  • Electrically actuated modulating low voltage dampers provide optimum design flexibility with virtually silent operation.

  • Single or double internal acoustic chevrons and acoustic liners depending on the level of noise reduction desired.

  • Thermally broken frame design minimise risk of condensation and unwanted draughts.

  • Internal cover grille protects against impact damage and improves aesthetics

  • Internal integral sleeve to link internal and external elements for maximum airtightness and security.