Airstract and Airstract iAT Terminals


Passivent Airstract® is a range of roof mounted natural ventilation terminals which combine low airflow resistance with excellent weatherability. They can be used as part of a sustainable, low energy natural ventilation strategy to provide an exhaust outlet for used air. Available in both ABS and aluminium particularly in the larger sizes Airstract® terminals are also available with iAT, intelligent airflow technology for still, windless days, and unusual events such as high occupancy levels or unusual heats gains.

  • Suitable for flat and pitched roofs of all material types.

  • Robust two part construction including structural sub base unit to guarantee wind load resistant design.

  • Circular terminals also available mounted on square bases for ease of installation and weather integrity.

  • Harnesses the natural forces of wind, convection and buoyancy for energy saving ventilation.

  • Motorised base dampers control airflow with excellent thermal and airtightness performance when closed.

  • AA Fire rated to BS476: Part 3.