Hybrid Plus Airstract Terminals


Passivent Hybrid Plus Airstract® Terminals are a unique and patented system of ventilation provision or extraction with three modes of use depending on the needs of the building and outside conditions. It comprises two main elements: the structural sub base unit which houses the insulated and modulating dampers, mixing chamber and low energy use fan and the terminal above which fully utilises Airstract® technology.

  • Different operating modes can be programmed to allow the most efficient option to be used when required.

  • During low external temperature events recirculation mode mixes incoming fresh air with interior warm air.

  • In peak summer conditions, enhanced mode allows for high levels of air movement.

  • In natural mode the terminal acts as a conventional passive stack to maintain indoor air quality and temperatures.

  • Unique design does not require a vertical internal divider and therefore performance is independent of wind direction.

  • Controlled through the intelligent Passivent iC8000 control system.