AirScoop Terminals


Passivent Airscoop® Terminals is a range of displacement (top down, wind driven) natural ventilation terminals that provide natural ventilation to large buildings and deep plan spaces. They are designed to 'capture' prevailing wind and direct it via four separate chambers within the terminal to the space beneath. Research shows that air is constantly entering one or more of the chambers or exhausting via one or more of the chambers depending on prevailing wind speed and direction.

  • Environmentally friendly energy saving natural ventilation, no power is required to move the air.

  • Range of systems available from Basic to Enhanced DAD and enhanced RAD.

  • Optimised segmented design to deliver maximum airflow capacity with minimal pressure drop through the system.

  • Complete separation of chambers in the entire system prevents “short circuiting”.

  • On Enhanced systems automatically controlled dampers regulate and optimise airflow.

  • Circular and square terminal design available in a range of designs.


All Passivent Airscoops® are embedded within EDSL’s Tas programme for ease of thermal modelling these products. To find out more, please click on the logo below: