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Thermal Hybrid Aircool® Ventilator

Passivent’s Thermal Hybrid Aircool® ventilator forms part of the Aircool® range of controllable ventilators and is used primarily for installation in façades (external walls and glazing systems) in education, commercial and other similar buildings.

The Thermal Hybrid Aircool is similar to Passivent’s standard Hybrid Plus2 Aircool but with a restyled room-side ventilation outlet that incorporates an inline heater unit.

Like the Hybrid Plus2 Aircool, it has an innovative air tempering and mixing unit utilising a single energy-efficient fan. As with the standard unit, the Thermal Hybrid version not only offers the existing three modes of ventilation dependent on the internal and external environment but also includes two additional heating modes to offer improved air quality and thermal comfort all year round. Together with the provision of a sufficient supply of external fresh air, heating and cooling are an important part of maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, in order to provide good air quality, the removal of pollutants, and in maintaining CO2 levels to below 1500ppm.

The heater unit consists of a 6kW duty Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) heater coil which connects to the building’s wet heating system to provide additional tempering of incoming outside ventilation air. This will not only minimise cold draughts but also contribute to room space heating requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Contemporary design.
  • Quiet operation leads to less disturbance when in use.
  • Energy efficient fan resulting in lower running costs.
  • Sensors respond automatically to rising levels of CO2.
  • Five modes of operation. Combined with the existing three modes of the standard Hybrid Plus2 Aircool (passive, mixing and boost) there are two additional heating modes for the Thermal Hybrid Aircool version (a pre-heating mode and an occupied heating mode). The mixing mode, utilising the fan, minimises the risks of cold draughts in colder weather, whilst in warmer weather the fan is activated without mixing to promote air movement and to assist purging the space more rapidly than in passive mode. The passive mode operates without fan assistance making it highly cost effective and energy efficient. The heating modes can provide primary heating for the room subject to the overall heating design strategy.
  • Meets the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 (Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools) and Building Bulletin 93 (Acoustic design of schools: performance standards).
  • Modular format with versatile mounting options to accommodate wall, curtain walling and windows.
  • Lightweight construction for easy lifting and positioning.
  • Minimal maintenance: no filters to replace, simply clean periodically to remove any dust.
  • Also available as a ducted version so the unit can be positioned within a ceiling void.
  • Effective and intelligent control of the unit is critical to maximising its performance – Passivent’s iC8000 intelligent controller, internal CO2 and temperature sensors and external temperature sensor work together to determine the different operating modes and ensure automatic, optimum thermal comfort and indoor air quality.



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