Hybrid Plus2 Aircool® Ventilators


The Hybrid Plus2 Aircool® ventilator combines the features of the Aircool ventilator with an innovative air tempering and mixing unit utilising a single energy-efficient fan. The unit (designed for fast and simple installation) can operate three modes of ventilation dependent on the internal and external environment, offering both air quality and thermal comfort.

  • Contemporary design.

  • Quiet operation leads to less disturbance when in use.

  • Sensors respond automatically to rising levels of CO2

  • Enables Facilities Output Specification for Priority Schools Programme, BB101 and BB93 to be achieved.

  • Each unit can ventilate a room containing up to 16 occupants, adding a second unit will accommodate up to 32 people per room.

  • Modular format enables flexible design.

  • Versatile mounting options to accomodate wall, curtain walling and windows.

  • Three modes of operation to satisfy cool and warm conditions.

  • Lightweight construction for easy lifting and positioning.

  • Three-component design for speedy installation.

  • Energy efficient fan resulting in lower running costs.

  • Minimal maintenance: no filters to replace, simply clean periodically to remove any dust.


A ducted version of the Hybrid Plus2 Aircool is also available - see more information here

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  • 1. Mixing Mode

  • 2. Cooling Mode

  • 3. Passive Mode