iC8000 Intelligent Control System


The Passivent iC8000 is a comprehensive multizone controller which comes pre-loaded with Passivent's own proven natural ventilation software. It can be used as a stand-alone system, working independently, or can be integrated with the building management system (BMS) using the on-board BACnet communications.
The system can monitor internal and external temperatures, carbon dioxide levels, time, date and precipitation to modulate the natural ventilation system and iAT /Hybrid Plus fans if necessary.

  • The package includes all internal and external sensors, zonal overrides and internal panels, interfaces and overrides.

  • Reduces the amount of mechanical heating and cooling needed to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

  • Monitors the indoor climate for temperature and CO2 through installed sensors and automatically controls the ventilation system to ensure a comfortable environment.

  • Can incorporate an array of sensors and also communicate with a BMS system, providing the user with full building control

  • Simple and easy to use and configure through a simple intuitive controls interface with override facility.

  • Dramatically reduces installation time compared to systems with centrally mounted control panels.

  • Protection for sensors are available in high use areas to ensure operation is unhindered.