Demand Controlled Extracts

Demand Controlled Extracts

Passivent have a wide range of ‘smart’ demand controlled mechanical extract options available for use in a variety of applications and systems; all designed to provide truly adaptive ventilation

As each room has different ventilation requirements, it is imperative the ventilation rate can adapt to conditions therein. For example, a WC is not permanently occupied and so does not need such a high level of permanent extraction. However, once occupied a boosted rate is required.

Therefore, the Passivent range provides fully automated, energy efficient extracts which respond to additional ventilation demand – all of which can be retrofitted to most central mechanical extract systems to reduce heat loss and boost efficiency.

Humidity Sensitive

Developed to provide fully automated ‘enhanced’ extraction in response to increased levels of humidity. For example, the Passivent A121 extract increases from 4l/s to 21l/s when relative humidity passes 30%.

Infra-Red Boost

Provides a constant level of extraction until movement is detected within the space, at which time the ventilation rate boosts automatically for 30 minutes. For example, the Passivent A141PIR extract increases from 4l/s to 18l/s for 30 minutes after motion is detected. 

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