Priority School Program

PASSIVENT Hybrid PLUS and iAT Ventilation for Active minds...

The Priority School Building Programmes is a centrally managed programme procured by the Education Funding Agency on behalf of the Department for Education. The facilities output specification sets out the design, works services and performance requirements for each school.

Passivent, have a unique new approach to achieving good air quality with minimal energy consumption and exceptional acoustic attenuation. The Hybrid Plus and iAT Ranges within the holistic Airstract,  Aircool and Soundscoop product ranges offer the best attributes of a natural ventilation strategy with assistance from mechanical ventilation when required, to allow for optimum energy efficiency as external temperatures vary through the seasons.

The optimised acoustic design of the Soundscoop iAT technology means the requirements of BB93 (Acoustic Design of Schools) can be met for the transfer of air between noisy and noise sensitive spaces, for example, a classroom adjacent to a noisy atrium. 

Click here for more information on the Passivent product range, including:

  • Airstract Terminals incorporating Hybrid Plus and iAT Technology.
  • Aircool Façade incorporating Hybrid Plus Technology.
  • Soundscoop incorporating iAT Technology.


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  • Priority School Building Programme