• As Fresh In Here As It Is Out There

    As Fresh In Here As It Is Out There

    The iMEV ventilation system offers the ideal solution to optimising air quality in a care home.

    Flexible and energy-efficient, the iMEV system automatically detects changes in humidity levels and responds by increasing extraction rates where and when required.

  • Priority Schools Benefit from Passivent’s Approach

    Priority Schools Benefit from Passivent’s Approach

    Passivent’s unique natural ventilation strategy makes it simple to achieve controlled ventilation through a building. Being exceptionally energy efficient and having class-leading acoustic attenuation, Passivent’s natural strategy is perfectly suited to meet the Governments Priority School Building Programme (PSBP2), which aims to address schools in urgent need or repair.

  • Cooling and Air Quality

    Cooling and Air Quality

    Low energy natural ventilation including the option of acoustic attenuation is an increasingly important design strategy for commercial buildings. Air is moved primarily by natural forces of wind and convection, so little or no power is consumed.

  • Background Ventilation

    Background Ventilation

    Background ventilators provide a source of fresh, outside air to replace damp, stale air that is removed from inside a home. A small amount of air is allowed in. They work as part of a balanced system, to ensure a pleasant indoor atmosphere and maintain good air quality.

  • Removal of Moisture

    Removal of Moisture

    Moisture is the main pollutant in the home. It is generated by everyday activities like washing, cooking and bathing.

    If it is not removed, it can lead to condensation, damp and mould growth - resulting in poor health and damage to the home.

    A ventilation strategy that controls moisture will control other pollutants too (such as VOCs, CO2 and odours).

  • Energy efficient, intelligent ventilation system improves indoor air quality in care homes

    Natural ventilation specialist Passivent has introduced iMEV Total, an ‘intelligent’ mechanical extract ventilation system that offers an automated, energy efficient approach to optimising air quality. It is suited to large, m...
  • Breathe easy with new range of Passivent Ultra Vent Tricklevents...

    Passivent's new Ultra Vent range of slim stylish window ventilators allow a controlled flow of fresh air to promote a healthy indoor environment and reduce the potential for condensation. The through frame Tricklevents are one of ...

Passivent are specialists in delivering natural ventilation and daylight solutions and a leading UK company in the field of sustainable and energy efficient solutions.

A pioneer in natural ventilation and daylighting, the Passivent name is recognized for providing innovative yet practical solutions across all sectors for the Removal of Moisture, Cooling and Air Quality, Background Ventilation and Natural Daylight. 

All Passivent products are designed and developed under ISO 9001 quality standards.

Our Technical Services team will be pleased to offer advice and assistance on the application of all products. Our free technical advice and specification service helps to ensure that your project will meet all regulatory requirements.