SoundScoop and SoundScoop iAT


The revolutionary and patented Passivent SoundScoop® is a range of air transfer ventilation units which combine exceptional acoustic attenuation with very low airflow resistance. The range comprises the passive SoundScoop and the SoundScoop iAT with intelligent airflow technology. This incorporates a single energy efficient low energy use fan which extends the range of the ventilation system during unusual conditions.

The SoundScoop has been developed to attenuate the mid frequency band of between 500-2000Hz as speech and circulation noise constitute the main source in commercial and educational buildings.

  • Optimised acoustic design for the transfer of air between noisy and noise sensitive spaces.

  • Extremely low air flow resistance due to an unimpeded acoustic path.

  • Independently tested including variants with data available for clients.

  • Tuned  to attenuate the mid frequency of between 500-2000Hz.

  • Available in a range of sizes to suit the application required.

  • Lightweight design for transportation and ease of fitting with units weights ranging from 3.0kg to 18.3kg.