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SoundScoop® iAT Acoustic Air Transfer Ventilator

Passivent’s patented SoundScoop® iAT (intelligent Airflow Technology) has the same features as the SoundScoop product but also incorporates a single energy efficient fan which extends the range of the ventilation system during unusual conditions.  It uses one of two operating modes depending on the needs of the building – natural (most of the year) and iAT mode (for peak summer temperatures or extreme events).

Features and Benefits

  • The unit attenuates the mid frequency of between 500Hz and 2000Hz as speech and circulation noise constitute the main source in commercial and educational buildings.
  • SoundScoop is suitable for environments such as cellular offices, classrooms and hotel bedrooms which are adjacent to noisy spaces such as busy circulation routes.

There are 3 key features leading to the SoundScoop performance:

  • SoundScoop positionBy positioning the unit out of the plane of source and receiver, sound is forced to take an oblique path through the vent thereby removing the need for bends or splitters.
  • Type of noise to attenuate is consideredThe required acoustic performance is determined through an ‘engineered approach’ where the exact nature of the source noise (middle frequency range of 500Hz to 2000Hz) and receiver sensitivity is considered. As such, the unit is targeted in terms of the sound it attenuates.
  • Patented internal ribsThis targeted performance is achieved through optimised cross-sectional dimensions and a patented internal lining which features ribs at regular centres – this has shown to add an additional 10dB noise reduction in a given octave band.
  • SoundScoop iAT has a low energy consumption 50W fan which uses minimal energy compared to full mechanical systems and extends the performance envelope of a ventilation strategy by creating positive pressure during peak summer temperatures/conditions.
  • Available in three sizes with all being independently tested for acoustic performance.
  • Can be demonstrated to comply with BB93 (Schools Acoustic Guidance), Priority Schools Output Specification, BS8233 (Sound Insulation and Noise reduction for building Code of Practice), and Approved Document F (Ventilation). ​



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